It’s marathon time! Is your breathing prepared?

With fall and winter marathons already come and gone it’s time to warm up and raise training levels to prepare for the spring marathon season! You’ve been working on your training program for several months. You’ve decided what supplements will benefit your body, what eating habits you want to change, and purchased the best shoes to give you ultimate comfort.

What about your breathing? Will it be prepared to fight the fatigue and lactic acid that settles in your legs? Continue reading to learn how adding PowerLung to your training arsenal will give you that boost you need to train longer and race faster.

Overcome the struggle of your exercise program.

Several of us have been through it before time and time again. We attempt to start an exercise program but within the first two weeks the program comes to an end. It is just so difficult to really do the exercises because we run out of air. And the first time something else gets in the way, we think, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow or…” We all know how that goes.

We would like instant results, so we push our bodies to the limit, overexerting ourselves, and get breathless making the exercise program even harder. The routine falls behind and soon we have given up. How can one overcome this?

Follow PowerLung users Brian and Jennifer

Brian and Jennifer are a couple just like many couples in Houston or anywhere else. Their lives are busy with their company and their children. Trying to work in a training schedule as well is a challenge.

They not only do that they are also coaches for Houston Fit training. Add to that the fact they actually participate in events and you can see they face all the same challenges you do. Why are we telling you this? Because Jennifer and Brian maximize their training by using PowerLung.