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The Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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Breathing limits performance because…

  • The work of breathing requires up to 15% of the total energy spend in high intensity exercise.
    The harder the respiratory muscles work, the less blood flows through the legs and other muscles.
  • Most athletes show significant physical stress during exercise due to the nature of the activity and the need to balance the breathing with keeping lactate levels under control.
  • Respiratory muscles are subject to fatigue, just like other muscles in the body.
    Thus, an athlete perceives breathing as very difficult and thinks they are exercising maximally – even though they are not.
  • The sensation of breathlessness may be the ultimate determinant of exercise tolerance.
    The breathlessness and breathing discomfort that occurs during high intensity exercise may be the ultimate exercise-limiting factor.

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Breathing limits performance because…

PowerLung, a hand-held machine, is specifically designed to increase the strength and endurance of respiratory muscles to improve athletic performance. It works as you inhale and exhale against a resistance.

  • Reduce the relative work of breathing.
    Studies show PowerLung training improves both the strength and endurance capacity of the muscles to sustain the same breathing level with less effort2,3.
  • Optimize Breathing to Minimize Physical Stress of Breathing.
    PowerLung gives an athlete the ability to inhale more in a very short amount of time and exhale more completely and powerfully during exercise3.
  • Reduce Breathing Fatigue.
    Respiratory muscles, like other muscles in the body, respond to specific training stress. PowerLung training increases strength and endurance2.
  • Reduce the Discomfort of Breathing and the sensation of dyspnoea (breathlessness) and make each breath less demanding.

Breathe To Go Faster, Higher, Farther…
Don’t just train or compete to get to the next breath!

Success Story: Greg Cecil

Greg Cecil, track coach at Vermilion High School, Vermilion, Ohio started his relay athletes on PowerLung Trainer in March, 2009. By May, 2009, the team had qualified for the State Meet in 4/800. By including PowerLung in their regular training program the team was able to drop its time almost a full minute from 8:50 to 8:00 flat!

“One really nice thing about PowerLung is that using PowerLung during taper you can keep your aerobic conditioning and still keep your legs fresh.”

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