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Competitive Swimming

Your technique is very important when there is a swimming competition. But there is an important factor that is complimentary to your technique: breathing. Restricting your breathing is necessary while you still need to breathe enough to keep your lactate levels low. If these are not balanced, fatigue will set in faster throwing off your rhythm, technique and overall, your time.

PowerLung will give you the balance you need with respiratory muscle training. Independent studies have proven that training the respiratory muscles with PowerLung will reduce the relative work of breathing and lower lactate levels. Increased strength and endurance in your breathing will help reduce the physical and mental stress your body endures whether it is for competitive swimming workouts or competition. PowerLung gives you the benefit to inhale more in a short amount of time and exhale more powerfully at the power points in your strokes.

A study at the University of Toronto with various national swimmers showed that training with PowerLung improved respiratory muscle critical power more than swim training alone. It is important for swimmers that respiratory muscle training be included in their regime for any form of swimming competition or workout.

You will not find these kind of benefits from products such as PowerBreathe, Expand-a-Lung or Ultrabreathe.

Get better breathing, improved performance, reduced stress and much faster times from training with PowerLung.

Learn How To Better Utilize Your Breathing While Swimming

Masters Swimming

Train your lungs to breathe more air.

In just 4 weeks of training with PowerLung you can increase your lung capacity by more than 25% and increase the oxygen content of each breath to improve your breathing performance and lower your heart rate. You will breathe easier and take deeper breaths when training or competing in masters swimming races. This also means you will improve your breath control and improve stroke rate for improved racing time.

PowerLung is a hand held breathing training product for masters swimming and the only product to strength train all 12 sets of your inhale and exhale breathing muscles in the same breath. Train the inhale muscles to increase your lung capacity, air-flow and oxygen intake and train the exhale muscles to reduce respiratory fatigue, reduce lactate levels and greater clearing of carbon dioxide for faster race and training recovery.

These breathing endurance, power and strength benefits give additional training and race benefits including increased exhale velocity for more powerful swim strokes giving greater speed through the water. Be less breathless to help reduce the urge to breath. This increases breath hold time allowing you to choose when you breathe during your swim stroke all helping to maintain your swim stroke technique and swimming form.

PowerLung is easy to integrate into your dry land training and warm up. And it is an excellent tool for after swimming and between heats to improve recovery. You can start PowerLung training now and see benefits in less than a week.

This unique group of benefits is found only in PowerLung products and are all supported by independent studies. You will NOT find them in products like PowerBreathe, Expand-a-Lung or Ultrabreathe.

Whether your stroke is freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke, PowerLung is a must have for race winning breathing performance benefits to finish as the champion of your masters swimming age group.

Include PowerLung in your swimming training now.

Success Story: Alex B.

England Team, World Cup 2001

Having used the PowerLung I can no breathe fewer times per length. I can now breathe a lot more cleanly in the water. The back-end of my race is now stronger as I can breathe greater volumes in and out. In training, doing sub-aqua work is easier as I can inhale larger amounts of oxygen before going under. Useful for spring events in swimming, I find my breathing in now more explosive.

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