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Trainer, PowerLungThe Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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When running, runners use all 12 sets of respiratory (breathing) muscles for every breath. These muscles tire just like any other muscle in the body. Studies show when the respiratory muscles work harder and become tired, less oxygenated blood flows to the legs. This means that the breathing muscles take (steal) this blood instead of it being sent to the legs and arms.

Breathing requires a minimum of 15% of the total oxygen used by the body for every breath taken during running training and even more when racing. Runners who do not spend time specifically strength training their respiratory muscles, they use even more oxygen attempting to achieve and maintain comfortable breathing while running.

Running with untrained respiratory muscles causes the feeling of breathlessness, being short of breath and breathing discomfort. It occurs during running exercising and racing and may limit the quantity and quality of your training, race performances and times.

You know this if you have ever felt you were giving 100%, training or running, at your maximum, but felt you could have given more if you could only breathe better. Your breathing is limiting you, your training and your racing.

Breathing (your respiratory system) drives the cardio system through oxygen supply, NOT the other way around. Pump more oxygen to your heart and watch your respiratory rate and your heart rate both drop even when racing. Yes, racing!

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Avoid Your Second Wind Problem

If you have to slow down and wait to get your second wind, it means you started out running too fast and immediately went anaerobic. Not a good place to be at the start of a training run or race. You are in a high state of lactic acid accumulation.

Train you breathing with PowerLung, a hand held, drug-free, respiratory strength training machine, designed and proven in many independent studies to increase the strength and endurance of the breathing muscles as you inhale and exhale against adjustable resistive force cells. You will see an increase in your lung capacity, higher oxygen intake and lower CO2 and lactic acid levels, lower heart and respiratory rates and increase your running speed and endurance.

You train your other muscles, why not your lung muscles? PowerLung is designed to do just that. It can increase your breathing, stamina and endurance without drugs or supplements. Over 20 years of research has proven that specific respiratory training can strengthen your lung muscles. It’s quick, it’s easy – and you can begin to see results in just a few weeks.

PowerLung is Weight Training For Your Lungs®!

Success Story: Greg Cecil

Greg Cecil, track coach at Vermilion High School, Vermilion, Ohio started his relay athletes on PowerLung Trainer in March, 2009. By May, 2009, the team had qualified for the State Meet in 4/800. By including PowerLung in their regular training program the team was able to drop its time almost a full minute from 8:50 to 8:00 flat!

“One really nice thing about PowerLung is that using PowerLung during taper you can keep your aerobic conditioning and still keep your legs fresh.”

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