Overcome Breathlessness & Fatigue With Better Breathing

To increase strength and efficiency, all muscles require training – including the ones for breathing. PowerLung works just like strength training to build strength and efficiency for your breathing.

Think of PowerLung like weight training. Weight training works through a process known as progressive threshold resistance. PowerLung provides resistance for both inhale and exhale to strengthen the muscles that control breathing. With independent controls for both inhale and exhale, you control the resistance levels and progress as you improve.

According to independent research studies, better breathing results in improved performance, reduced fatigue, and increased endurance. These improvements are important for exercise and fitness as well as music and performing arts. Improve performance, reduce fatigue, increase endurance, and breathe better with PowerLung.

A guide for picking the right PowerLung model to meet your goals.

Which do I choose, powerlung usersSelecting a PowerLung sports and fitness model should be based on your current level health and activity. The best way to do that is to start with the model of PowerLung that offers resistance levels you will be able to use now and adjust as you improve.

If you start with a model that has a higher level of resistance than you are capable of using you may not receive the full befit of your PowerLung because the exercise may be too difficult and you may be discouraged.

Pick the model that best represents your current level of activity and breathing ability so you can use the PowerLung to help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Most PowerLung users find they stay with the model they start with because of the flexibility in the range of resistance. If you use PowerLung regularly and improve you will not have to purchase a new PowerLung, you can use a PowerLung Resistance Cell Set (RCS) to advance to the next resistance range model. Each model allows adaptation of PowerLung training for your continued growth within your activity or training program the lifestyle for which the model is intended.

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Light Activity & Good Health

Breathing Technique

The AireStream helps you learn to breathe deeply and makes breathing easier to enjoy daily activities. The AireStream is excellent for making healthy lifestyle changes, and for people who may be involved in light daily activities but may not be involved in athletics or exercise programs.

Performing artists, amateur and professional alike, can use the AireStream to improve breathing techniques and breath-control.

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Choose This Model If

  • You are just beginning to be moderately active, but may not yet participate in athletics or a formal exercise program
  • Your breathing is very shallow and you want to train yourself for good deep breathing
  • You want to improve your breathing technique for your singing or playing a musical instrument
  • You are in a wellness or recovery yoga or exercise program
  • You are a student of a low pressure musical instrument

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Fitness & Active Lifestyles

Breath Control & Endurance

People who find the BreatheAir optimal are moderately active and exercise at least 2 to 3 days per week. They prefer regular low intensity activities like walking, fitness swimming or low- intensity styles of Yoga, Pilates or martial arts.

Performing artists will use a BreatheAir to condition or improve breath control and muscle memory.

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Choose This Model If

  • You are moderately active, working out 2-3 days a week
  • You walk or swim for fitness regularly
  • You practice Yoga, Pilates or martial arts
  • You want to change to deep breathing from shallow breathing
  • You want stronger vocal resonance, projection and breath control
  • You are a student musician and want to learn good breathing form and support for your sound
  • You prefer to train for a more open breath for your instrument
  • You regularly play a low pressure instrument

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Training & Exercise Activities

Advanced Performers

The Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity. The Trainer is excellent for the advanced student or amateur athlete to help them in their competition and recovery. If you have been exercising for many years but find it harder as you have aged, the Trainer helps you restore some of the muscle tone and breathing ability. Resistance training in this model is the highest level of resistance in breathing training for most people.

Advanced or professional performing artists specializing in high pressure instruments or professional singers with high lung volume will improve endurance and breath-control.

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Choose This Model If

  • You are in good physical and aerobic condition and desire to improve your performance
  • You exercise or train for running, cycling or sports at high intensity almost daily
  • You want to train in your Target Heart Rate Zone for longer and train easier at high intensity
  • You want to train breath management for better sports or music performance
  • You are a professional or advanced musician who wants to play, sing or perform more relaxed for longer periods of time
  • You play a high-pressure instrument but don’t always have time to warm up before or between performances

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Elite Athletes

Top Performance

The Sport Model offers the highest levels of resistance available in a PowerLung. If you are an advanced athlete or in a physically challenging job and already perform at the highest levels, but you want to improve or extend breath control or muscle tone, the Sport will be a value-add to your training regimen.
The resistance controls on the Sport do not adjust lower to include the resistance of any other models.

If music is your primary reason for using a PowerLung most music teachers do not recommend the Sport model due to its high range of resistance.

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Choose This Model If

  • You are in excellent physical and aerobic condition
  • You would consider yourself an elite athlete on the conditioning level of someone in Navy SEALs, Special Ops or SOCOM community.
  • You want to assure every breath gives you the most your body can give
  • You want to perfect managing your breathing to improve your performance for racing or performing well in your job.

This model is not meant for the casual user or even those who activity is moderate to high.