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PowerLung Trainer

The Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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The original and only respiratory strength training machine with integrated exhale and inhale progressive resistance for rowers. Get bigger catches, stronger leg drives and more powerful finishes with PowerLung!

The Facts

  • PowerLung is based on 80 years of research. The PowerLung Sport offers the highest level of resistance for rowers from novice through elite to Masters.
  • Studies show the importance and benefits of Integrated Exhale and Inhale strength training for all rowers – including asthma sufferers.
  • It’s easy to use – just choose your resistance level and start training with PowerLung. Most rowers will feel the difference in 3 to 5 days.

Studies show respiratory muscle training may benefit asthma sufferers.

Learn More About The Importance of Respiratory Training

Use PowerLung For

  • Speed and Endurance
  • Strengthen Respiratory Muscles
  • Increase Oxygen Flow
  • Higher Anaerobic Threshold
  • Lower Respiratory and Cardiac Rates
  • Increased Expiratory Power
  • Stronger Core Body Muscles
  • Improvement in Dyspnea1
  • PowerLung is Essential for Training and Competition

1Matthew Driller, Ph.D.


Success Story: Lisa Y.

Junior Women of Tideway Scullers School, London, England

The PowerLung has been very beneficial to my fitness. I feel it has helped me dramatically to improve by ergo scores. It has been hard to fit it in twice a day, especially in the morning when I am in a rush to get to school or sculling. There is no better way of developing the internal muscles that control your breathing technique. It has also improved my oboe playing.

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