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Trainer, PowerLungThe Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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PowerLung products can effectively be used by fire fighters, rescue and recovery divers, EMS personnel, police officers and others in the Public Safety professions. PowerLung can be included as a part of a professional or personal training program and is beneficial to new recruits as well as the veteran personnel. With regular use, PowerLung provides a user the capability to maintain fitness and perform physically at their best.

Individuals in demanding professions like firefighting must maintain a high level of fitness to perform at their best for their profession and to maintain a high level of safety. Reducing the work of breathing can reduce the stress on the body for better fitness and safety on the job. There is a variety of information presented here to address the various physical activities.

Since a firefighter’s work often involves the use of breathing equipment like that of SCUBA divers, a study at Barry University has shown using PowerLung may improve tank utilization. Just as your uniforms and equipment are not the same size for everyone, PowerLung offers different models for different users.

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Background Information

PowerLung is the first, and only, respiratory strength training product to use isolated threshold resistance to concurrently train all 12 sets of muscles used for breathing in and breathing out. No other commercially available product provides the capabilities and flexibility offered by PowerLung products. PowerLung has been commercially available as a health and fitness product since 1999.

The earliest documented studies we could locate on respiratory muscle training were dated in the 1920’s. However, the product development did not keep pace with the research. The original inspiratory training was the concept of pursed lip breathing and devices that restrict the air flow. This type of trainers and exercises use the flow restrictive technique. It was the inconsistencies in the restrictive method that lead to the application of the principles of isolated, progressive strength training for the respiratory muscles. Quite honestly, the original muscle trainer using the principles of isolated strength training was for inhale only and was a chair in a laboratory in which the subject was seated and to which the researchers attached small weights, which were lifted as the subject breathed. The original non-laboratory version was a medical device. PowerLung originated the concept of different models for different classes of users due to research and customer demand.

All of the research on PowerLung presented here and on our website, has been independently undertaken. All PowerLung research is independent, third party research.. PowerLung has no involvement in the study, the protocols, nor any aspect of the study. We connect all researchers of our product together so they can obtain the best information possible to do their job — research. We specialize in our job which is to manufacture a product consistent with the research done on both inspiratory and expiratory muscle training and look at new research to keep the product as state pf the art as possible while maintaining the highest standards.

Success Story: Houston Fire Department

I was able to climb a ladder to the second floor, work with the other men and did not get tired, even using the self-contained breathing. As a matter of fact, I was able to keep it on until I could get further away from the fire and smoke.

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