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breatheair, powerlungThe AireStream is for making healthy lifestyle changes, and moderately active, people not involved in athletics or exercise programs. The AireStream helps you breathe easier and enjoy daily activities.

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breatheair, powerlungPeople who are moderately active, exercise at least 2 to 3 days per week, and engage in low intensity activities like walking, fitness swimming, or yoga, or Pilates will find the BreatheAir optimal.

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Trainer, PowerLungThe Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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Breathing Difficulty

Asthma and COPD restrict the airways making it very difficult to breathe easy. Exercise or high stress can set off inflammation blocking the airways completely, leaving you reaching for your rescue inhaler.

Sound familiar? There is no cure for these conditions, but with proper treatment the symptoms can be drastically reduced leaving you free to do the things you love without fear of an attack.

The common treatment for asthma and COPD is a combination of regular and rescue inhalers combined with other medications. At PowerLung, we cannot replace these, and do not encourage you to stop. But, the PowerLung can add dramatic improvement to your treatment that inhalers and medication alone cannot.

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Stronger Breathing

When used regularly, PowerLung strengthens the respiratory muscles providing stronger and deeper breaths. When your airways are restricted, you struggle to breathe out enough stale air in your lungs to provide room for new, fresh air. This is the cause of feeling like you cannot get enough air.

Stronger respiratory muscles provide more force in your breathe, meaning you can more fully empty your lungs.

Combined with an inhaler and medications, our customers with asthma and COPD have seen dramatic improvement.

It was suggested to us by a pulmonologist that using PowerLung before using your regular inhaler increases its effectiveness. Of course, we ask that you consult your doctor before using PowerLung with such conditions.

Success Story: Pat Ahern

Trumpet – Minnesota Brass

One of the things I read about the PowerLung is that with regular use it has been shown to reduce asthma symptoms. I have asthma and since I started using the PowerLung when we first got them in February I must say I don’t use my prescription inhaler as much. My symptoms have nearly disappeared and my lung capacity and strength have improved thus increasing my peak flow measurements. I also do allot of road biking and because of the increased capacity and strength my endurance on hills has improved (maybe because I’ve lost weight too.). It probably goes without saying but my trumpet playing both classical and drum corps has improved as well since I’m breathing better.

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