PowerLung, Heart Month, and you

During Heart Month, PowerLung will be donating 20% of its sales on PowerLung products to the American Heart Association. PowerLung is also offering the special limited edition RED PowerLung available in various ranges of resistance to meet your goals. If you do not already own a PowerLung, why not start now and give your support…

Rowing Demands Control

July is an eventful month for organized sports in Great Britain as the world witnesses golf’s British Open, tennis’ Wimbledon, and rowing’s prestigious Henley Royal Regatta. In fact, the latter sport is among the oldest in modern times – first held in 1839.

Competitive rowing is not to be taken lightly, nor is it a sport in which an athlete can easily attain a professional level. The sport demands an intense, continuous level of exertion that becomes more difficult to maintain through the race as fatigue sets in. Rowing calls for excellent upper body strength, core balance, cardiovascular endurance and focus. The concentration needed to maintain form and rhythm is supported by steady breathing and lung strength.

Reduce the effort when sprinting across the field

Last month we discussed the importance of breathing and intermittent sprinting in the game of soccer. With the FIL World Lacrosse Championships happening, lacrosse players know the feeling of the stop and go again movement in this sport and the impact it can have on their breathing.

We want to remind players of intermittent sports how improving their breathing can have a dramatic effect in their performance. If you have not read our article from last month, we recommend you check it out as well as the accompanying study on intermittent athletes.

Are you racing the dream?

We all have that dream race we want to be in or to simply complete. But to achieve that dream, your training to improve your ability is of great importance. That is why we strongly urge you to add PowerLung to your training program if you have not already done so.

We’re interested in hearing from you in our comments whether you use PowerLung or not. Users of PowerLung, share with everyone how you use your PowerLung to train and what benefits you have seen. Not a user of PowerLung? We would love to know why.

Training to help you feel like you’re ready to play in the World Cup™

Football, or soccer as we say in the US, is one game played the world over. The tournament for this “world game” is the World Cup and it is happening right now. This is a team sport that truly represents the term intermittent sprint sport and this is a tournament that challenges even the best of the best in the sport. Fitness and readiness for such activities require training at the highest level.

Integrate PowerLung with Sprint Training

In 2000, while Greg Wells, Ph.D. was doing the study of PowerLung with elite Canadian swimmers he began to consider other ways to implement PowerLung into the training program. In our June newsletter we have talked about sprint activities. This is one of the areas where where Dr. Wells saw an easy way to integrate PowerLung for training and performance improvement.