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Trainer, PowerLungThe Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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sport, powerlung

The Sport model uses maximum resistance training specifically designed for elite athletes and strenuous, competitive training activities.

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Mountain Biking

PowerLung breathing training expands your lung capacity for easier deeper breaths and increased oxygen intake for mountain bike riding, racing and training. You will be able to force the race pace earlier and for longer choosing when it is tactically best for you.

You know how important cardiac and aerobic training is for your mountain bike training, riding and racing. But, have you ever thought to strength train all the breathing muscles that drive and support your cardiac and respiratory function?

Strong and powerful strength trained respiratory muscles from PowerLung are the best way to produce consistent and superior performance results from your aerobic and cardio training programs.

Would you like to expand your lung capacity? Be able to take much deeper breaths? Increase your oxygen intake and perform with no-quit endurance?

You can get all these benefits if you include PowerLung respiratory strength training in your cardio and aerobic training programs. All these benefits come from specifically strength training all 12 sets of your respiratory muscles. These are the muscles that drive your cardio and aerobic system when you train and race. Bagging a peak becomes easy and you arrive at the top less breathless.

Mountain bikers who do not specifically strength train all the 12 sets of muscles of their respiratory system with PowerLung often remain trapped as sub par mountain bike riders and performers.

How Can PowerLung Help My Breathing

Road Cycling

Breathing muscle strength and endurance ensures sustainability of your oxygen supply for your road biking and tour stage performances. PowerLung strength and breathing training makes your oxygen delivery system perform at its peak at all times and phases of your road cycling races and training.

We are talking here about “breathing strength training” not “breathing exercise” the difference in road race performance benefits are incomparable between “breathing exercise” and “breathing strength training”.

PowerLung breathing training benefits road cycling GC riders for their all around performances, sprinters with explosive acceleration to force the pace, mountain climbing specialist to deliver high-speed attacks and counter attacks to gap the field, time trialists for the ability to generate high power over long periods for time-trial races.

Study supported evidence show that PowerLung breathing training will

  • increase your lung capacity and oxygen intake by more than 25%
  • improve perceived breathlessness (dyspnea)1
  • increase the oxygen supply to your muscle cells to burn more sugar or fat to increase ATP productionfor greater energy release and better muscle contraction for day in and day out strength
  • power and endurance for sustained road cycling race performances

Many tour and road racing cyclists use PowerLung breathing strength training to strength train all 12 sets of their inhale and exhale breathing muscles. Are you doing PowerLung breathing training to get all these road cycling performance benefits?

1Matthew Driller, Ph.D.

Cycling Training

PowerLung breathing training expands lung capacity, increases oxygen intake, improves perceived breathlessness (dyspnea)1, and lowers your heart rate when training and racing. Increased oxygen intake increases energy production through faster glucose and lactic acid breakdown, releasing more energy for your cycle training and racing fitness.

Increasing your oxygen supply through PowerLung training will result in greater energy production for more explosive breaking and sprinting from the peleton or when racing in the velo. You will attain faster and easier pace-line speeds on the road and in velodrome team races. On the tour, climbers and respected mountain men have come to understand and covet the endurance value of PowerLung training when handling the climbs, attempted blasts at the bottom of the wall and from the punishment of consecutive days of racing in the mountains.

All of these training result benefits and many more are directly attributed to the improved breathing strength, power and endurance performance provided by all 12 sets of your respiratory muscles. Bonking is an event usually caused when poorly or un-strength trained respiratory muscles reach their ultimate fatigue point no matter what type of bike you race. Your signs that respiratory fatigue has hit you is when you notice how shallow your breathing has become, you can’t get a deep breath anymore, your leg muscles burn and feel on fire and finally your bike speed dies on you.

Independent supporting studies show that the muscles of the respiratory system are the single and biggest limiting factor to limit your cycling training and race performances.

1Matthew Driller, Ph.D.

Success Story: Kaz Milas

2007/2008 FIAC Elite National Track Champion

I have been training since I was very young so I am quite attuned to my body. I could tell the first week of use that the PowerLung was going to be an important component of my training routine.

The PowerLung helps me to change speeds with authority which is important in all cycling track events. It also helps me to recover between events.

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