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breatheair, powerlung

People who are moderately active, exercise at least 2 to 3 days per week, and engage in low intensity activities like walking, fitness swimming, or yoga, or Pilates will find the BreatheAir optimal.

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breatheair, powerlung

The AireStream is for making healthy lifestyle changes, and moderately active, people not involved in athletics or exercise programs. The AireStream helps you breathe easier and enjoy daily activities.

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Easier, better breathing and reduced breathlessness for health and fitness.

PowerLung is the only machine in the world designed to specifically train all of the respiratory – breathing – muscles one breathe at a time. Respiratory muscles bring in the oxygen that the heart pumps through the bloodstream to your muscles for use in any activity – whether you are competing, playing a game or even walking around the house.

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Easy and quick to use.

You can gain results in as little as 90-seconds a day. Begin to breathe easier in 3 to 5 days of use and in 2 weeks, notice a significant change in your breathing! Reduce your shortness of breath and do more! PowerLung is so easy to use, you can use it while sitting on your couch!

Improved inhale and exhale breathing through proven technology.

These studies have shown improved lung function through muscle strength and endurance as a result of respiratory muscle training with PowerLung. Several studies have demonstrated that individuals who train their respiratory muscles using products such as PowerLung noticed significant benefits or improvements in their own performance, including a reduction in both the number and severity of asthma attacks.

Success Story: Mark McKellar

I was in a car wreck and my lung was punchered to were it was very hard to breath. I could hardly walk. I started on the PowerLung and about 4 to 5 days after I stared using the PowerLung I was able to get on the Treadmill. Its a great product that really works.

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