PowerLung offers four different models to fit the way you breathe and live:

Each is designed for a specific lifestyle and performance level. For example, the Sport is designed for elite athletes and it’s unlikely anyone but an elite athlete could breathe through it. Our goal is to strengthen your breathing for healthier, easier, breaths, and build a healthier lifestyle that can improve your performance or ease the effort of breathing for those who are aging or suffering from breathing conditions.


breatheair, powerlung

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breatheair, powerlung

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Resistance Cells & Accessories

Nothing makes us happier than to hear a customer can’t use their PowerLung anymore. That means they’ve maxed it out and seen dramatic improvement in breathing strength!

For that reason we sell the resistance cells individually so customers can add new levels of resistance without needing to buy a new PowerLung.

Check out the resistance cells page to learn more, and don’t forget about all our other accessories!

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