We understand that things sometimes happen in life which may require our customers to have their PowerLung repaired from moving to a child taking the unit apart to a dog chewing on the unit. This service assures the most current parts for their models, regardless of when the customer purchased the product or any changes PowerLung has made to parts since the purchase whenever possible.

The PowerLung Repair Service includes:

  1. Full inspection of your PowerLung to determine whether the product can be repaired and the steps and parts necessary to repair the product. (We will notify you if the product cannot be repaired; e.g. the dog chewed up too much of it or in a critical area.)
  2. Repair or replace with components that will bring your PowerLung to the current level just like the models we are currently shipping.
  3. Packaging and return shipping to you by United States Postal Service First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation Number. Other Services are available for an additional cost.

PowerLung Repair Service Costs (for each unit):

  • Repair Service Only – $25.00
    (including return shipping and handling by USPS First Class Mail)
  • Repair Service with new Mouthpiece – $40.00
    (including Return Shipping and Handling by USPS First Class Mail)

Before Requesting Repair Service

A common issue for a PowerLung model not working is that it has not been cleaned. We state in our instructions that you should clean your PowerLung model at least once a week. Before requesting repair service, clean your PowerLung first. Cleaning your PowerLung model may resolve your problem. You can find instructions on cleaning your PowerLung here. It is highly recommended that you clean your PowerLung at least once a week.

If you continue to have problems with your PowerLung after cleaning, please continue reading for instructions on the repair service.

PowerLung Repair Service Instructions:

  1. Check to see whether or not your PowerLung is part of our current offering at www.powerlung.com. Look under Products & Services at the different PowerLung models. If you do not see your unit listed, you should contact us first. While we make an effort to retain parts for discontinued items, it is possible that we no longer have the parts for your unit in stock.
  2. Prepare the PowerLung for shipping.
    • Clean your PowerLung before sending it in for repairs. You can find instructions on cleaning your PowerLung here. Though we recommend cleaning with PowerLung Washe, you can find instructions on how to clean if you do not have any here.
    • Include the unit and any loose components. It is not necessary to include the mouthpiece. Do not include the carrying case, user instructions, or other documentation originally included with your PowerLung model.
    • Use a padded envelope, small box, or similar safe packaging to send your PowerLung in for repairs. If you live outside the United States, contact the Distributor in your area for faster service.
  3. Print and complete a Repair Service order form for each PowerLung that is in need of service.
    Download Form

    1. Complete the Shipping Information for return of your PowerLung after repairs are completed. If you choose to pay by credit card, you must complete the Billing Information section. Provide a daytime telephone number for us to contact you in the event of any questions. An e-mail address is required for us to provide you with tracking number information.
    2. In the Service Option section, specify which Repair Service you prefer.
    3. In the Describe Your Problem section, provide a brief description of what you are experiencing and believe needs repair. If you need additional space, use the back of the form.
    4. Choose a Shipping Method. Pricing information is listed on the form. You can also request to have a signature required at the time of delivery. This is an additional $3.00 plus the listed shipping rate that you choose. The fee is waived when you choose the Express Mail service.
    5. Choose a Payment Method. For credit cards, all information must be completed. A form of payment must be included with the form.
    6. Sign the form.

Place the PowerLung, the completed form(s), and form of payment into your return package and seal securely.

Send your PowerLung to:
Attention – Repair Service
PowerLung, Inc.
1918 Triway Ln
Houston, TX 77043