You too can win a PowerLung!

In addition to the contests PowerLung offers we also work with PowerLung authorized dealers to offer more chances to win PowerLung prizes. We typically announce these on Twitter, Facebook and our website so be sure to check back often to score free prizes from PowerLung and PowerLung dealers. During May, Tri Now Fitness, PowerLung authorized…

Training to help you feel like you’re ready to play in the World Cup™

Football, or soccer as we say in the US, is one game played the world over. The tournament for this “world game” is the World Cup and it is happening right now. This is a team sport that truly represents the term intermittent sprint sport and this is a tournament that challenges even the best of the best in the sport. Fitness and readiness for such activities require training at the highest level.

Integrate PowerLung with Sprint Training

In 2000, while Greg Wells, Ph.D. was doing the study of PowerLung with elite Canadian swimmers he began to consider other ways to implement PowerLung into the training program. In our June newsletter we have talked about sprint activities. This is one of the areas where where Dr. Wells saw an easy way to integrate PowerLung for training and performance improvement.