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Start enjoying daily activities more or learn better breathing techniques when you choose the AireStream. With exercises lasting as little as five minutes twice a day, you can easily find yourself on the road to being more active or learning good breathing form.

Not involved in athletics or an exercise program but want to be able to breathe better? The AireStream is an excellent choice to start with! Daily training with this model can help you achieve deeper breathing to reduce breathlessness allowing you to be more active. With easier breathing, you can also use the AireStream for making healthy lifestyle changes including a way to quit smoking and lose weight by being more active.

Performing artists who need help with their breathing technique, such as young students, can get it from using the AireStream. Learn the principles of deep breathing and good breathing form with this model to achieve maximum performance.

The AireStream is also an excellent tool for warming up or cooling down whether you’re getting ready for activity or performance.

Recommended for Ages 8 and Up

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