Knowledge Base > FAQ > Using PowerLung > When I am training with PowerLung should I stop using it or decrease the amount I am using it during the taper phase of my sport training?

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If you have been using PowerLung regularly in the 3 sets of 10 breaths 2 times a day program along with warm up before and warm down after training, you can continue this training during your taper phase.

If you have added PowerLung sport specific training then you will likely want to eliminate it during your taper phase. Examples of sport specific training can be found in the User Tips section under Community. Both the advanced breath holding and sprint laps training are examples of the type of additional training you would likely want to decrease during taper. During taper you may expect some decrease in the endurance fitness of your breathing muscles just as you normally do your other muscle groups but your actual breathing endurance may increase. Studies show when you resume your training phase, you may notice an increase in the endurance of your breathing muscles. However, you may want to resist the urge to try to increase your resistance but instead stay with the same resistance levels and introduce some of the sport specific training back into your program.