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It is normal for people to have weaker exhale muscles than inhale muscles and therefore have more difficulty in performing the exhale portion.

The reason for this is most people (except brass players) are not accustomed to breathing out forcefully and against a resistance. If some one tells you to take a deep breath, you inhale strongly, but for exhale, it is quite passive. The forceful exhale is also one aspect of breathing that is sometimes difficult for people to learn in martial arts training.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your PowerLung.

  1. There is a setting below “1”.
    For Inhale (numbered 1-6): decrease the resistance until you see a “gap” between the control and the main body. NOW, increase the resistance just until the gap disappears. This is the most minimal setting you can use for inhale.
    FOR Exhale (numbered 1-3): decrease the resistance until the control begins to “wobble” like it is about to come off. Now, increase the resistance just until the control feels like it is secure and not “wobbly”. This is the most minimal setting you can use for exhale. Be sure it does not wobble else the cap may come off with the exhale force.
  2. To make the inhale really effective, relax and think of yourself walking along and you want a deep breath. Relax all your muscles — do not pull you stomach or abdominal muscles in, instead, let them relax and naturally expand (go out).
  3. To make the exhale really effective, think of your body as a tube of toothpaste; when you want to empty it you squeeze it from the bottom. Now, to do this with your body, start by pulling your abdominal muscles (sucking them in) toward your back. Start at the bottom and tighten each muscle as move up your torso.This way you are using the larger muscles of your torso to push the air out — from the bottom up.
  4. Try doing the training while lying on your back. Most people are more relaxed in that position and you have the floor (or bed) to support your back and help you with the exhale. Do this until you feel comfortable with the breathing.
  5. Try to go from “empty” to “full” in a “1, 2, 3” type count when you inhale then go from “full” to “empty” in the same manner when you exhale.