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I was unable to do anything cardio for my lungs when I was recovering from my hip injury. When I was able to start walking with a walker, I had noticed that even walking a few feet had me winded. I had been an avid hiker and swimmer, but just to go a few feet had me winded. That is what drew me to the internet where I found your power lung. It seemed too simple but I was really searching for something. After a few weeks of using it, I noticed that I was sitting up straighter and not being winded as much. After returning to work in six months, I liked the fact that while walking up the steps with fellow firefighters, I was not winded like they were.

In the summer, I started my swimming (which I have done for years) and my distance had gotten a lot longer while swimming under water. Now, even sitting in a chair or in the car, I am aware of how I am breathing. I guess you could say that knowing how to breathe the right way and feeling better, as apposed to breathing wrong and feeling bad, makes me think about what I am doing more. Thanks for your continued help and support.