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While the description provides details on PowerLung integration with swimming training, it is easy to see how it might also be used in conjunction with other sports training. Keep in mind, using PowerLung during the swimming training was in addition to the regular PowerLung training the athletes were required to perform.

When to Begin the Program
This program provides best results after an individual has used the PowerLung Warm-Up/Warm-Down Routine in addition to the regular PowerLung Training Program for 4-6 weeks.

How to do the Program
During lap swimming, sprint or non-sprint, the swimmer brings the PowerLung to poolside. After each lap the swimmer must use the PowerLung for a designated number of breaths before swimming the next lap. This program continues until the athlete completes swimming laps.

What resistance settings to use
For someone who has already used the PowerLung for a 6 months or more, the settings on the PowerLung should typically settings the athlete uses for daily PowerLung training. If the user has less experience with PowerLung, the settings may need to be lower to allow the user to complete the breathing training and the swimming training at a high level of proficiency and speed. The goal is to be able to use your regular setting for specified number of breaths between each lap.

How many breaths
When you first add this to your training program start with 10 breaths between each lap. The goal is for the athlete to complete a full PowerLung training between each lap at the same settings used for daily training. That means 3 sets of 10 breaths at the same settings used for daily PowerLung.

Integration with daily PowerLung training
Continue to do your regular PowerLung training but assure you allow sufficient time between PowerLung training and swimming training to allow the muscles to rest. It is especially important to include PowerLung warm up and warm down at lower settings, when you use this exercise. If you are doing laps every day you may want to alternate days using the PowerLung with your regular training.