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Your product has enabled me to have a lessened perceived level of exertion when training at or just below my lactate threshold. Lactate threshold training is inordinately taxing to an individuals’ cardio-respiratory system. This is the point where lactic acid production exceeds elimination and produces intense muscle fatigue concomitant with labored breathing. Athletes periodically incorporate this training modality, as its effects are tremendous, leading to enhanced endurance speed and endurance muscular strength.

Since the principle premise of Power Lung training is progressive resistance training for the cardio-respiratory system, its benefits are derived by facilitating increased oxygen delivery by increasing tidal volume breathing. The Power Lung has increased my lung compliance and has enabled me to have a larger tidal volume breath each time I breathe. This has enabled me to at least breathe stronger with less tachypnea when training at my lactate threshold.

In fact, when I participated in a 10Km run 3 weeks earlier, I noticed these profound changes while running at my lactate threshold for ~55 minutes. I’m anxious to have my VO2 stress test repeated this coming June after using the Power Lung for a solid 16 week period.

In summary, I support your product’s purported benefits. As a practicing perdiatric anesthesiologist, I firmly believe that the Power Lung has strong clinical and physiological implications enabling the athletes and patients with chronic lung disease to breathe easier. This is based upon the Power Lung’s progressive lung resistance training. I typically do not endorse products based upon my primary career. I’m confident that this product will enable athletes with busy schedules to extract its benefits with less than 10 minutes of training per day.

The lessened level of perceived exertion has tremendous psychological benefits. I feel less short of breath when I’m running and cycling.