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It is very important to begin using your PowerLung model just as you would if you were starting any progressive threshold resistance strength training program. First you start at a level that challenges you and as your muscles adapt to the exercise and the workload, you increase the amount of resistance to increase the workload. The PowerLung User Instructions are designed specifically to help you find the best beginning point and to help you know when to add resistance to help increase the workload.

Typically it takes approximately one month for the muscles to adapt to the new training and it normally takes about the same amount of time to form the habit of doing the new exercise regularly. After that first month your body typically begins to build muscle for the muscle groups you are training. So, in reality, while you certainly are receiving benefits by regular use of the PowerLung model, the actual muscle strength begins to build at six to eight weeks. It is important you stay with the PowerLung Basic Training Program outlined in the PowerLung User Instructions for at least one month before you make any big changes in your training program with your PowerLung model. The one exception is that you can add the Warm Up and Warm Down routines after the first two weeks of usage.

Many coaches believe there are benefits to be gained by using PowerLung just as you would regular weights in a program designed for strength, power, and endurance. This involves adjusting the amount of resistance (weight) and the number of repetitions to meet specific needs in the build, plateau, and taper portions of training. One way to accomplish such a broad range of training with PowerLung is to select a PowerLung model for strength building and then select a Resistance Cells Set for the next lower model of resistance to use for endurance and taper programs.

There are also coaches who have set up programs requiring the athlete to use PowerLung while they training in their sport. One example is an international cycling champion and national coach who had has athletes using the PowerLung Sport model for strength and power training. Then when they were on the stationary cycles they would use the PowerLung Trainer model. Typically this training session would last for one hour. During the first 30 minutes the athlete would set the Trainer model at a high level of resistance. Then as the training progressed and the athlete tired and noticed shortness of breath, they could reduce the setting on the Trainer model to provide a more comfortable but still challenging breathing level. This process continued for the first 30 minutes of the training program. At the end of 30 minutes the athletes removed the Trainer model and proceeded their cycling training at the level specified for that day.

Your coach may have other ideas and suggestions but only PowerLung can offer you a wide range of flexibility in one model and then add to it by providing you the means to purchase just the resistance for another model.