Knowledge Base > FAQ > Health > I’ve been using my PowerLung model regularly but was involved in an accident and training with my current PowerLung model is too difficult. Any suggestions?

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You may want to purchase a Resistance Cells Set for a lower resistance model of PowerLung. Deep breathing is very good for your health in general and you are bringing in more oxygen to your system. As with any exercise when you use your PowerLung, certain chemicals are released by your body which can improve your mood and even reduce pain. Using PowerLung regularly will also help you maintain some of your cardio fitness levels.

Once you are recovered you can use these lower level Resistance Cells Set to help you with any endurance training you may want to accomplish in addition to your regular training.

You should consult your healthcare professional to assure using PowerLung at a lower resistance level will work in conjunction with any treatment program he or she has in mind for you.