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A PowerLung isn’t as simple a product as it may first appear. Because of that, it’s always important to be careful with the small parts that make up a PowerLung. There should never be a time that you take your PowerLung apart. If you lose a part of your PowerLung, we will not send a replacement part to you by mail. Why is this our policy?

Because we take the quality of our product seriously and as a FDA-listed product, we want to make sure that your PowerLung is working properly. In order to do that, we require that you return the unit to us for repair and parts replacement. At that time, not only will we replace the missing part, we will also test the unit to make sure all the other parts are working as well. This insures that the parts are put back in place properly; that there are no additional repairs that are missed; and that the unit is working as designed.

If you believe you will need to return your unit for service, please review the Repair and Replacement policies here.