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Typically an individual does not “outgrow” a PowerLung model because it is adjustable for training your muscles for strength, power and endurance.

Since you have just started running, what will make a difference in the model you choose is the level of fitness you already have in your breathing muscles. This is determined by the amount and type of exercise you are already doing.

If the answer is no real exercise or only low impact aerobic exercise like walking or yoga, you can choose the PowerLung BreatheAir. If you continue with your PowerLung and your running training program, you may outgrow this model in a couple of years; but you can still use it for endurance training.

If you have been participating in sports like basketball or hockey regularly or you have been doing some other type of training for sports at a moderate to high level of aerobic use then you can choose the PowerLung Trainer model. If you choose this model and you are in the first category, you will likely be able to use the product and you will get results they may be more gradual, particularly on the exhale side. If you are accustomed to strength, weight or circuit training then you will understand that using this model may take a little more time to build the muscles and therefore a little longer to make adjustments. You will still get benefits and still make progress, you just may not make adjustments as rapidly.

Please understand training with PowerLung is about making progress for benefits and not just about making adjustments. While you may not be an elite athlete, the benefits of PowerLung are obtained by regular use and integration with your current training program. If you have not already done so, you might be interested in our white paper on peak performance training. As you read this paper you will note it discusses progressive threshold resistance. This type of training is just like the training at the gym where you use circuit machines or free weights. As a matter of fact, when you purchase PowerLung, you are getting the equivalent to a circuit training machine but this one is designed for the 12 sets of breathing muscles.

As with machines and weights, you don’t start at the heaviest setting or with the heaviest weights because you would be unable to complete the exercise and get the benefit from it. And, you don’t want the lightest setting because it would not provide a level of resistance that would help your muscles be stronger.