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If you are not already an elite athlete you should not purchase the PowerLung Sport model because the lowest setting will still be too difficult for you to use.

Each PowerLung model has a specific range of resistance it provides and they do not cross over each other.

If you are already training and exercising regularly at a medium to high aerobic level you will enjoy using the PowerLung Trainer model now and will likely never outgrow it. You will be able to use the PowerLung in the beginning and then after 2 weeks you will be able to modify you use slightly, then 6 weeks from the beginning you can modify your PowerLung training to match your triathlon training for strength, power, endurance and speed.

If you have not been exercising regularly and are really just beginning to exercise and train but are at a low to moderate level of aerobic activity, you may want to consider the PowerLung BreatheAir model.