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About 5 yrs ago my daughter was running in high school and we got a sports magazine in the mail and I found a PowerLung in it and we decided to buy it for her. Well she used it some and liked it but she didn’t devote herself to it and it set around and she would use it once in awhile. Then about 1 1/2yrs ago my Dr. tried to say I have COPD but I didn’t want to believe him but he went on giving me inhalers and pills and test after test but nothing made any improvements. I finally told him I wanted to try this breathing apparatus that I had and he said ok but he wanted me to bring it in and let him look at it. So I quit taking all inhalers and pills and used nothing but the PowerLung for 1 month then I took it in to the Dr. on the next visit and he did his test and the numbers improved 1 full point and before with pills and or inhalers it only improved a decimal point or two. My Dr. looked at it and wanted a demo and I gave him one and the number off the side of the PowerLung. He told me later one of his associates started a patient on the PowerLung then just last week he told me he started two other patients on it. And all are doing better. He listen to my lungs and said he wanted to see me in 6 months and didn’t even give me the lung test but said he would give it to me next time. Now if I would just use it on a regular basis it would really make some really big difference.