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I started using Power Lung in August 2007.

While I try to use it twice each day the reality is that I have used it twice on some days and some days have been skipped altogether. My use of Power Lung averages about 8 times each week. When I first started using it I was shocked at how low I had to have the resistance settings in order to do three reps of 10. I actually got cramps in my side a few times until it started to build up my lungs. I play ice hockey and basketball every week. These are both recreational but hard played games! As a 54-year old, everything I can do to help my performance is received with open arms. It did not take long to see the benefits of using Power Lung. Within 2-weeks I started to see significant benefits. Playing both of these sports requires a lot of effort and times of extra effort needed for bursts of speed. Before Power Lung I would come off the ice after a shift and be out of breath for a couple minutes, panting deeply. Sometimes it was hard to get back to the bench quickly enough for the next guy to come on the ice after a hard shift. Playing basketball I would be exhausted after each 20-point game. Sometimes after 2 games I would have a hard time getting back up for the next game after a three minute break. Now, I am ready to go pretty quickly after each game and have more stamina during each game. With hockey I played two seasons without scoring a goal. The two seasons since I started using Power Lung I have scored goals each season and have scored two goals twice in the same game.

This weekend I had a nurse come to my home for tests needed since applying for life insurance. One of the tests she performed was a chest measurement where I exhaled as much as I could and then inhaled as much as I could. She measured both extremes. The difference between my exhale and inhale measurements was 2-1/2″. I didn”t think that sounded like much but she said that most men my age have very little difference and to have a 2″ difference is usually with athletes. To say the least, I am thrilled with Power Lung. It has made a huge difference for me.