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I have noticed that when I’m drilling it on the road now, my breathing has been much more stable. I breathe more deeply now, regardless of if I’m hitting it hard, riding steady, or out of the saddle. I did a Tuesday morning time trial on the Felt before I went to work, and the loop is 1.6 miles. I did the loop for 45 minutes, and my lap times got faster every single loop around. Normally it drops by the end, and I’m crawling. My first lap time was 4mins, 51sec with an avg spd of 20.1mph. 8 laps later my time was 4mins, 24sec with an avg spd of 22.8mph. The lap time on each loop got better by 3-4sec, and when you do that over 8 laps, it is much more stable on the body, breathing, acid burn in the legs, etc.I’m on the easiest resistance, which means there is a lot of room for improvement. I’m going to continue to take baby steps with this device. I’m going to make this a natural progression in my breathing getting better. To do that I’m simple going to start from the easiest setting, and slowly move up to the more difficult setting as I have mastered my inhale and exhale muscles.

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