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I purchased a Power Lung during the Austin Marathon Expo. While I did not run the marathon, I have intentions of running my first one in October. Anyways, I recently started running (October 99). Prior to my newest hobby, I had never run over two miles. I have lived with asthma for the better part of my athletic career and saw endurance sports as a serious limitation. Since October, I have competed in a couple of triathlons, duathlons, and races *running).

During these races, I felt as though my asthma seriously limited my potential of becoming a strong competitor. After using the Power Lung for just over six weeks, I can already feel results. Just thought I would share some of them with you. I still have a long way to go with my running but am excited about my improvements and look forward to more PR’s as I continue to compete.

10K (Rodeo Run – Houston) before using the PowerLung in comparison with my most recent 10K (Capitol 10,000 – Austin) : I improved my time by over three minutes (Capitol 10,000 – even dealt with hills this time)

1/2 marathon (Austin 3M) before using the Power Lung in comparison with my most recent 1/2 marathon (Moe’s Better Half) : I improved my time by about seven minutes. I finished my most recent half marathon not needing to stop and use my asthma inhalers once!!!! Furthermore, my lungs felt great throughout the race. (Moe’s Better Half – hills for over half the course)

Thanks for all your help. I will continue to inform you about my results.