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I am writing regarding the Power Lung I bought from you on August 5, 2003.

It has made remarkable improvements in the exercise ability and air consumption for both me and my wife!

The first time we realized how much this helped us was in October, 2003. We went on a bicycling tour of Vermont, complete with its hills (which do not exist in Houston)… we were accompanied by our daughter and her husband from California, where they compete regularly in half-marathons and lots of other exercises… We were also accompanied by experienced bicyclists from various parts of the USA, many who ride in the hills of their home states… I mean Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii, etc…

Anyway, not only did our daughter and husband have a time trying to keep up with us (we rode 130 miles total in 5 days), we were able to pass at one time or another on the tour (on hills yet!) every other member of the group!!

We were diving in Cozumel 2 weeks ago for my 60th birthday… I felt like I was using less air, but didn’t realize how much less till we returned home and I downloaded our (diving) computers’ data into our desktop computer. WOW! We both used less air (these computers track that usage) than in any of the previous diving trips in recent history!

Truly impressive results. We will not only continue to use these awesome little machines (of course we work out and exercise every day, too), but I have just ordered one as a Chanukah gift for my California daughter and son-in-law.