PowerLung, Heart Month, and you

During Heart Month, PowerLung will be donating 20% of its sales on PowerLung products to the American Heart Association. PowerLung is also offering the special limited edition RED PowerLung available in various ranges of resistance to meet your goals. If you do not already own a PowerLung, why not start now and give your support…

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

May 26 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day and we want to encourage each of you, regardless of your age, to take a step toward better health and fitness through activity. Today, many of us enjoy longer, more active lives, so maintaining fitness is important to continuing this enjoyment. Just how does PowerLung help with this?

Overcome the struggle of your exercise program.

Several of us have been through it before time and time again. We attempt to start an exercise program but within the first two weeks the program comes to an end. It is just so difficult to really do the exercises because we run out of air. And the first time something else gets in the way, we think, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow or…” We all know how that goes.

We would like instant results, so we push our bodies to the limit, overexerting ourselves, and get breathless making the exercise program even harder. The routine falls behind and soon we have given up. How can one overcome this?