Breathing for Performance

A Guide for Wind and Voice Musicians provides excellent background information for any level of musician who desires to know more about the physical aspects of breathing as they relate to the production of sound. It is easy to say “before there is music, there must be air” or to focus on the relationship of “song and wind”. How does breathing really work?

As a trumpet player and asthmatic, Mark Boren has experience in breathing. He takes a technical look at breathing and helps you understand how it works and how breathing “workouts” can help you make it easier and improve your breathing.

Filled with fun and common sense, Breathing for Performance is perfect for anyone who is a student of breathing and sound production and an excellent reference for teachers and students alike.

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Practice Journal

Holds a month of breathing and performance assignments or progress notes. Comes with a soft, waterproof cover and is small enough to fit into almost any instrument case. Each PowerLung Performer Series model comes with one (1) Practice Journal.

Refills are available in quantities of 4 or 10 Practice Journals. Refills come with one (1) soft, waterproof cover and additional covers are available in quantities of 4 or 10.

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