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The fluttering sound you hear when you exhale is not a defect in your PowerLung model and it has no impact at all on the efficiency of the product or your training. That sound is simply the sound of the air around the valve.

Typically this sound occurs when you are exhaling and as the strength of your breath weakens and produces reduced air flow, this sound indicates the change in air flow. While this does not negatively affect your training it is an excellent indicator that you are not maintaining a consistent flow of air when you exhale. This may mean one of the following.

  1. As you near the end of the training session, your muscles are tiring and are not yet able to maintain a full consistent air stream or flow.
  2. It may mean you are not truly using your abdominal muscles to assist you in the exhale process and therefore the air flow is varying. While you are receiving training, you are not maximizing your training when you do not use your abdominal muscles to exhale. Once you can maintain a consistent, full exhale for three seconds, the sound will go away.

So, as you see, it is an excellent way to know when you are gaining strength in your breathing muscles and also reinforces you are performing the exercise to receive maximum benefit.

To make it easier for you to focus on your breathing, download the PowerLung Counting Routine. It simply counts the breaths and pauses for the 30 breaths so you don’t have to think about it.