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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Rodolfo Mari, I am a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. In my free time I record my own music using a variety of instruments and I do long/medium distance running.

How did you find out about PowerLung?

I found Power Lung on the internet but I forgot what Kind of Googling I was doing to come across it… I was definitely intrigued right away.

Why did you choose PowerLung?

Power Lung seemed and proved to be the most professional product of it’s kind with a wide range of applications. And great customer support.

Which model do you use and how do you use it?

I started with the [Active Series Sport] model but at first I felt like the big bad wolf trying to huff and puff to blow down a brick house… it didn’t happen. So I ended up getting the [Active Series BreatheAir] and the [Active Series Trainer] models and the [Performer Series P617B] model…so I had four models to play with. Each model has a different personality so I was really glad to try them all. Now I basically cross-train with all of them, in one sitting I’ll do 5 reps with the [Active Series Sport] (the hardest one) then 10 with the [Active Series Trainer] and then 5-6 fast breaths with the [Active Series BreatheAir]. For all-around usage I would recommend the [Active Series Trainer] model, if you are healthy and active… if not try the [Active Series BreatheAir] one first.

How long have you been using PowerLung?

About 8 months.

What are the benefits of Power Lung for Yoga and Pilates?

The greatest benefit of Power Lung for Yoga and Pilates is the awareness It gives one as to where the core muscles are in the body and how they function. The core muscles are very much connected to the breathing muscles. In Vinyasa Yoga the focus is on linking breath to movement, the goal is to initiate that movement from the core and to let go of all other muscles. The Power Lung allows one to see how this is possible by giving you the sense of how the subtle, deep core muscles are connected to breathing and in reality they are one and the same

The connection of the core to breathing can not be over emphasized. The Power Lung allowed me to feel the supportive, core breathing muscles in my lower back. Most people may not think that they have core muscles that help to power their breathing in the lower back, but guess what? It’s all connected. The Power Lung allows you to feel if your lower back is tight or limiting your breathing capacity and it lets you feel when the breath is expansive and relaxed. Once the deepest, subtle low back muscles are connected and integrated to the musculature in the front of the spine all new levels of balance and performance are attainable.

What are the benefits of Power Lung for running and cardiovascular work?

It does not take long to expand one’s breathing capacity with Power Lung. It’s so ridiculously simple to use that you will forget to do it. The average person may take up to 28,800 breaths a day… you only need to take 10 to 30 breaths a day with the Power Lung to see great results!

What are the benefits of Power Lung for the voice and musicians?

Awareness is the key. Power Lung gives one the greatest awareness of the muscles that support the breath during singing and/or playing a wind instrument. I’ve seen a great improvemnt in the projection of my voice using Power Lung and a greater ability to express myself when playing the Native American flute and the harmonica.