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Following is a description of the PowerLung Inc. policy regarding unauthorized selling of PowerLung products.

In order to maintain control over the quality and the distribution of our products, and ensure that only new, quality products reach consumers, PowerLung, Inc. does not authorize the re-sale of any PowerLung product by unauthorized resellers. Product sold by unauthorized resellers may be stolen, used, refurbished, discontinued and/or pirated and the product may not be safe to use or covered by warranty.

PowerLung, Inc. is committed to manufacturing and distributing quality products for Better Breathing. By manufacturing and assembling PowerLung where we are, in the USA, we can more closely monitor the quality of all components used in the manufacture and assembly of every PowerLung. We strive to ensure that our authorized Resellers are able to offer you the best products at competitive prices.

List of
Unauthorized Resellers

  • Reliable Sellers (S&R Sellers)
  • Corner Health Store
  • I Need Stuff
  • Medx
  • Biodex Health
  • Compass Fitness

We recommend that when making a purchase for a PowerLung product, you purchase only from the list of resellers on our Where to Buy page. We know you may like to buy from Amazon, eBay, Yahoo or some other portal and many authorized PowerLung retailers like to sell on those portals. Check to be sure the store you are purchasing from on that portal is also on our Where to Buy page.

Because we take our commitment seriously, PowerLung, Inc. is concerned that if you purchase from such a source, you may not be getting a new, quality PowerLung, Inc. product, and that product may not be covered by warranty. For example, stolen merchandise may not contain appropriate serial numbers or other information necessary to process a warranty claim and verify the authenticity of the product. Discontinued product may be out of warranty, even if the authenticity can be verified. Pirated product would not be covered by warranty. Purchasing a used or refurbished PowerLung product can be considered a health risk and is never covered by warranty. You can learn more regarding this risk by reading our FAQ about sharing a PowerLung.

We are taking steps to see these unauthorized resellers removed but it can be a lengthy process with new unauthorized resellers showing up at a regular rate. We are investigating any such sales that come to our attention, and taking serious efforts to stop these sales. For your convenience that is why we have created this page that composes a list of unauthorized resellers. If you know of an unauthorized reseller that you do not see on this list, please contact us today and we will review the company and add them to the list.