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In September of 2004 I was involved in a swimming accident that damaged my spinal cord at the C4-C5 level and rendered me a quadriplegic. After five months of rehab at Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado, three months of that on a ventilator, I was discharged with one functioning lung and the left half of my diaphragm paralyzed.

I immediately began looking for a method to increase my tidal volume of 1250 cc and diaphragm power in order to eliminate the Jackson trache that remained in my neck. I purchased an electric stimulus bike in July of 2005 and was referred to the Powerlung in November of that same year. I rode the E-stem bike working on my respiratory rate and my heart rate in an effort to build up my lung capacity. I also worked with my Powerlung everyday in an effort to exercise my right diaphragm and strengthen my lung with one goal, to be trache free.

I scheduled my re-evaluation for Craig Hospital for April of 2006 and continued to workout with both my E-stem bike and the yellow Powerlung. The first real change I noticed was having to reeducate my Dragon Naturally Speaking for the longer sentences I was now able to speak in one breath but more importantly the power I had when coughing.

The first morning of my reevaluation at Craig Hospital the Respiratory Therapist confirmed my tidal volume with one functioning lung was now 2000 cc a 60% increase in 14 months. The Pulminoligist told me I could have my trache removed immediately if I wanted too. The decision didn”t take long.

I have been trache free for six months and continue to use my E-stem bicycle on a regular basis along with my yellow Powerlung. My problem is with the Powerlung, I have graduated. Yesterday I gladly ordered the next step up and I”m writing you this letter to thank you for a great product. I have recommended your product to a number people with respiratory problems i.e. a fellow quadriplegic, a gentleman with multiple sclerosis, my nephew with asthma and of course to my Pulminoligist so that he can start recommending it to his other patients.

Thanks again for your great product line and thanks for helping me in getting rid of my trache.