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The difference between the Active Series and the Performer Series relates mostly to the range of resistance. Both series use progressive resistance as a means of training deep breathing and also conditioning muscles for strength and endurance. However, the musician in you prefers a more natural and fluid breathing form.

Perhaps the best answer is to recount a meeting we had with another young man who was a trumpet player and a state high school track champion who had the same question. Our question back to him was: Which is most important to you – music or running. He said music and then tried the Performer Series model. He liked this model because it provided him resistance he could detect and use to strengthen his breathing for greater endurance and support and recognized this same endurance and support would also work for his running. However, he did not feel any tension and had a full, open breathing.

Just for comparison, he tried a similar strength Active Series model. He felt resistance, which was good, but as he completed each breath he felt a pull or tension.

Needless to say, since music was his primary focus he chose the Performer Series. So, if music is your primary focus then chose a model from the Performer Series. And, if you add the Breathing for Performance Book and DVD you will get an 8-week implementation program AND advanced exercises, which will benefit not only your music but your sports as well.