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PowerLung does feature minor overlap with the Trainer, BreatheAir, and AireStream models. You will find that the lowest level of resistance on the control dials can equate to the highest level of resistance on a lower range model. The Sport model is the only PowerLung model that does not overlap. It has an intense range of resistance not like the other models

By training with the PowerLung over a long period of time, you will eventually reach near the maximum level of resistance on the inhale or exhale control dial. However, you will most likely reach near the end of one but not the other. It is typical to reach the maximum of inhale before you reach the maximum of exhale

For instance, you have reached close to maximum resistance on the BreatheAir model for inhale. If you were to use the Trainer model at its lowest level of resistance on the inhale you would get a similar level of resistance. Below is a chart to give a general view of each model’s overlap:

Inhale Exhale
 Resistance Overlap Chart for Inhale Resistance Overlap Chart for Exhale


Whether it be inhale first of exhale first, the great part about PowerLung is if you are ready to move on, you can choose to purchase the Resistance Cell Set for the next model. The Resistance Cell Sets allow you to get a different range of resistance for a different model without having to buy an entirely new PowerLung. This allows you change the resistance on either inhale or exhale and keep the other control dial as is until you’re ready to graduate. For more information, please visit our Resistance Cell Sets product page.