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Growing up I had a huge difficulty running long distance or doing anything for a lengthy period of time, although, I had natural athletic abilities for running short, fast distances, agility, and strength to no end. I was the one in high school that everyone hated when we had to run a mile because I could never do it. Which upset the coach, my teammates and in turn we ended up running sprints or bleachers after practice was over.

During those years, I was diagnosed with asthma which put great understanding of why I just couldn’t run those longer distances. Doctors put me on medications, which helped but not to the extent I needed or wanted. It wasn’t until a few months after I used PowerLung when I started seeing some positive changes. What used to be hard long runs, became easier. I then loved to go out for 2 or 3 hour long bike rides. Which anyone who road bikes knows that no 2 – 3 hour bike ride is ever easy, but using PowerLung has certainly made my life of long distance cycling &, running more enjoyable.

I never on earth thought I’d ever be able to run a mile, nevertheless, a marathon. Completed an ultra road cycling event like the Multiple Sclerosis 150 bike tour from Frisco, Texas to Fort Worth, Texas. I never thought I’d be one of the first females to finish that long bike tour, but thanks to PowerLung, my family, and friends, I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could even dream about…

The days I train I use PowerLung, the days I don’t train hard I use PowerLung, the days I don’t train at all I use PowerLung and the days I’m vacationing I take PowerLung with me. I’ve seen the result it has made in my life along with the will power to strive forward a few steps then I did the day before, the intestinal fortitude to know that I now can even with having a medical disease.

Thank to PowerLung, I’m the athlete that I always knew I was just twice as old. I’m a marathon medallist, I’m a USAT triathlon and duathlon athlete medallist who enjoys the breath of life more than ever before. No matter how far I run, cycle, train, race or how fast or slow I may get to the finish line, reach that start line and crossing that finish line is always a great accomplishment!!!

Thanks PowerLung.