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On April 19, 2001, I started using my new PowerLung, two exercise sessions daily, 30 breaths per sessions.

I am XX years old and have been asthmatic for four years. I use three inhalers. I have been exercising aerobically for 27 1/2 years. About five years ago I added strength exercises to my routine. When I developed asthma I had to quit aerobic exercise because I could not get my pulse rate above 100 bpm without running out of breath. After I was put on inhalers, I asked my pulmonary specialist about the possibility of starting aerobic exercise again. I explained that not exercising was difficult for me to accept. He told me to do what I felt like doing. Well, I started gradually and finally built my exercise up to an intensity level that almost equaled my pre-asthma level. Have been doing this ever since.

I exercise three times per week and hold my pulse rate to an average of 125 bpm (no less that 116 bpm and no more than 130 bpm) for 40 minutes. Early on, I learned that I needed to forcibly inhale deeply and forcibly exhale through my pursed lips. Otherwise, I sometimes would have breathing problems.

I have always been one who “challenged” my asthma when I started having breathing problems when exercising. I have always gotten by with this but at times, I was kinda touch and go and I would start considering using my inhaler in the middle of my exercise routine (always use my inhaler prior to exercising). However, I have always worked through to the finish without using an extra inhalation. Sometimes it got a little scary.

Read about your PowerLung in a catalog. Pondered this for a while. The longer I considered trying this trainer the more convinced I became that it would be worth making the investment in order to rule out the possibility that it might or might not help me to tolerate my asthma. It made sense that strengthening my lungs just might help my breathing when exercising. I have read in literature that asthmatics should daily practice deep breaths and exhaling through pursed lips. But, I was not disciplined enough to remember to do this and do it properly for any length of time.

Well, the results of using the Power Lung have been remarkable. After using it for about three weeks I thought I noticed an easing of the breathing stress of aerobic exercise. Did not get excited about this because experience had taught me that the only thing consistent about asthma is inconsistency. Some days are good and some are not so good. Some weeks are the same. However, after about a week of improvement, I had dramatic improvement, which I have sustained. It is hard to believe how much my breathing has improved. I no longer cough when aerobically exercising. I follow aerobic exercises with my strength routine. The latter is now easier because my breathing is easier. Some time ago, when I complained to my doctor that I felt my asthmatic condition was deteriorating a bit, he told me that I should expect this to happen and eventually I could be on oxygen. Well, I have news for him. My asthma has improved and Power Lung gets the credit. My only concern is that I will some day bite so hard that I’ll destroy the mouthpiece. Ha! I certainly do not want to have to do without my Power Lung.