Al Whaley and Pam Fernandes (Photo by Mike Gladu & Infinite Hangtime Photography)

It was almost 4 years ago that Pam Fernandes and Al Whaley won a Gold Medal and set a world record in their cycling event at the 2000 Paralympics.

While they no longer race as a team, each of these individuals train and compete to maintain their standing as world class athletes. Al will be quick to tell you that he believes PowerLung made a difference for their team in training and winning in 2000 and in his competitions since then. When asked why would he recommend an athlete train with PowerLung, he said, “To win! Because it makes the difference between a gold medal and an early trip to the showers.”

Why does Al believe so strongly in PowerLung? That is because he doubted it, used it and it worked. Add PowerLung to your training program and see the difference stronger breathing muscles can make for you. Remember – when you think you are training at your hardest is when you are breathless. But you are really only training at the maximum ability of your breathing muscles. Train these muscles and you’ll be able to maintain a higher level of training for longer periods.

Use PowerLung as a part of your strength training program to maximize all aspects of your breathing to perform better. If you train and compete regularly, using the PowerLung Sport can make a difference for you!

Are you getting ready for spring indoor and outdoors cycling events like the MS150 but don’t compete? The PowerLung Trainer will help your training and make the weekend rides more fun!