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PowerLung Trainer

The Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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PowerLung Sport

The Sport model uses maximum resistance training specifically designed for elite athletes and strenuous, competitive training activities.

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PowerLung is the original and only respiratory strength training machine with integrated exhale and inhale progressive resistance for all triathletes. Triathlete PowerLung users report that respiratory muscle training (RMT) increases lung capacity, VO2max and endurance. Get improved breath control for increased swim stroke, cycling cadence and running footfall.

Did you know?

  • At 85% VO2max and up breathing requires 15% of total O2 used by the body.
  • Respiratory muscles “steal” blood & O2 from the periphery muscles in your arms and legs.
  • At 85% VO2max and up athletes encounter problems – especially in triathletes because running, swimming and cycling are breathing-restricted.

Learn How to Improve Endurance and Athletic Performance

The Facts

PowerLung is based on 80 years of research. Study results show PowerLung increases respiratory muscle strength – Inhale and Exhale – for all distance triathletes.

  • Increased
    Inhale Muscle Power > 40%
    Exhale Muscle Power > 150%
  • Increased
    Tidal Volume > 25%
    Peak Exhalation > 20%

Studies show respiratory muscle training may benefit asthma sufferers.

Use PowerLung For

  • Stronger Respiratory Muscles To Improve Use of Lung Capacity
  • Greater Oxygen Uptake For Better Oxygen Debt Management
  • Higher Aerobic Capacity
  • Improved Training Endurance
  • Lower Respiratory and Cardiac Rates
  • Stronger Core Body Muscles

Breathe to go faster, higher, farther…
Don’t just train or compete to get to the next breath!

Success Story: Camille Smouse

Thank to PowerLung, I’m the athlete that I always knew I was just twice as old. I’m a marathon medallist, I’m a USAT triathlon and duathlon athlete medallist who enjoys the breath of life more than ever before. No matter how far I run, cycle, train, race or how fast or slow I may get to the finish line, reach that start line and crossing that finish line is always a great accomplishment!!! Read Full Story…

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