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Trainer, PowerLungThe Trainer model is the most appropriate for those who are looking to improve performance in sports or other rigorous activity.

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PowerLung is the original and only respiratory strength training machine with integrated exhale and inhale progressive resistance for hockey players. Get explosive acceleration, faster break-away speeds, improved stamina and endurance!

The Facts

PowerLung is based on 80 years of research. Study results show PowerLung increases respiratory muscle strength – inhale and exhale – for all hockey players.

  • Increased
    Inhale Muscle Power > 40%
    Exhale Muscle Power > 150%
  • Increased
    Tidal Volume > 25%
    Peak Exhalation > 20%

Studies show respiratory muscle training may benefit asthma sufferers.

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Use PowerLung For

  • Stronger Arm and Leg Muscles for all 3 Periods
  • Maximized Speed, Agility and Conditioning
  • Faster, More Powerful Shots
  • Stronger Respiratory Muscles and Increased Oxygen
  • Higher Aerobic Threshold
  • Lower Respiratory and Cardiac Rates
  • Stronger Core Body Muscles for Dynamic Balance
  • Adjustability to Include In Your Training Program
  • Use for Strength and Endurance Training

PowerLung is Essential for Training and Competition

Success Story: Gary

I play ice hockey and basketball every week. These are both recreational but hard played games! As a 54-year old, everything I can do to help my performance is received with open arms. It did not take long to see the benefits of using Power Lung. Within 2-weeks I started to see significant benefits. Playing both of these sports requires a lot of effort and times of extra effort needed for bursts of speed. Before Power Lung I would come off the ice after a shift and be out of breath for a couple minutes, panting deeply. Sometimes it was hard to get back to the bench quickly enough for the next guy to come on the ice after a hard shift. Playing basketball I would be exhausted after each 20-point game. Read the full story…

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