1. Introduction to Presenter by PowerLung Inventor, Mr. Barry Jarvis.
  2. Why diversify your repertoire?

    1. For Recital

      1. Extend your audience’s awareness of flutes and flute music.
      2. Rest your silver chops while continuing to entertain your audience.
    2. For Teaching

      1. Benefits for those students with a desire for diversity.
      2. Benefits for those students needing to break away from the confines of printed music.
      3. Benefits for those students who may be blocked on other instruments.
      4. Use to break out the main instrument a new or multi-instrument student may play.
  3. Why choose the Native American Flute for Diversity?

    1. Most settings look for a way to honor the traditions of the past.
    2. You can add the ability to use this instrument in conjunction with other instruments to take advantage of new music areas.
    3. Most audiences are somewhat familiar with at least the sound of the instrument and consider it enjoyable and entertaining.
  4. Native American Flute – Beginning and Progressing in your Playing:

    1. When you start playing you usually play to make a sound.

      2. Breath control is key to the nuances of playing and to progress to the next level.
    2. PowerLung is key to successfully playing the Native American and Silver Flute.

      1. Increase your control and capacity with PowerLung! A Must for Playing.

        1. The more detail breathing and breath delivery you have the better you will play, since there is essentially no embouchure for the Native American Flute.
        2. Breath Control is key to the nuances of playing the Native American, or any, Flute especially if you want to progress to more advanced playing.
      2. PowerLung DELIVERS for Jim Akins Studio. There are 24 tuba majors and 17 of them own a PowerLung. Of those 17 the top 5 players in both Tuba and Native American Flute use PowerLung daily. Year after year, the top players in my studio use PowerLung.
  5. How do you find music?

    1. Look and see what’s around you to play.
    2. Play the Audience – literally!
    3. Reference Sites: www.zadjik.com, www.worldflutes.com.
  6. Best online resource for Native American Flute Information and Music: www.zadjik.com
  7. Additional Photographs of "Music" for adapting to and playing Native American Flute are provided on the CD-ROM.
  8. How to Select a Native American Flute?

    1. Due to individual and personal nature this is best relayed in person.
    2. Key Elements to look for or consider in choosing your personal flute:

      1. Beauty of the instrument including decoration,
      2. Individuality of the instrument and the match with your personal music goals,
      3. Voice or character of the flute,
      4. Tone,
      5. Type of wood,
      6. How it is constructed (machine or manual), and
      7. Is it constructed to meet your level of performance desires?
  9. Questions and Answers
  10. Handouts

    1. Presentation Outline with notes
    2. CD-ROM with

      1. Presentation outline and notes
      2. Resource links
      3. PowerLung breathing training program
      4. Additional "samples" of music for your flute