Norba Mountain Bike Races in Expert 2000

  • Mar. 19: Super Gut Buster Eureka Springs, AR
    3rd Place
  • May 21: Weed Wacker Challenge Iberia, MO
    2nd Place
  • Sept. 16 – 17: Devil’s Den MntSR, AR
    23rd Place
    (XC on a Cross Bike with no Suspension and a broken chain.)
    2nd Place – Dirt Criterium on a Mountain bike
  • Oct. 1: Moccasin Gap, AR 1st Place
    (with a flat in the 1st lap.)
  • Oct. 8: Tour D Wolf
    4th Place

USCF Highlights in Pro, 1, 2 Division – 1999

  • Mar. 5: Forzen Toes Race Columbia, MO
    6th Place
  • Apr. 29 – Lance Armstrong Bentovillie RR
    6th Place, 1st under 23 yr.
  • May 6 – 7: Lance A. Joe Martin SR
    7th Overall, 2nd under 23 yr.
  • May 13-14: Natural Stage SR
    16th Overall
  • May 27-29: Quad Cities Criterium
    20th Snake Valley, 21st Melon C., and 16th Quad C.

After these races, I was injured for almost 3 months. I could ride but not race.

  • Aug. 25-27: Hotter Than Hell SR, TX
    16th Criterium, 14th RR and 17th Overall
  • Sept. 1-4: St Louis Labor Day Criterium
    Pack finishing in all of the races, I rode near or at the front, attacking, bridging and breaking away. I missed the breaks that stayed away.
    I was around 20th in the Giro and 18th on the Loop’D’Loop.
  • Sept. 9-10: MS 150 Rider
    I am not just a racer, I am a Supporter!

Norba Mountain Bike Races in Expert 1999

  • Oct. 31: Weed Wacker Challenge Iberia, MO
    4th Place
    (Broken seat post!!!)
  • Sept. 7: Tour D World Memphis, TN
    16th Place
    (Burnt out from Racing!)

USCF Highlights in Pro, 1, 2 Division – 1999

  • June 16-20: Heart of it All Stage Race, OH
    32nd Overall
  • June 26: National Road Championships
    27th overall, 8th in Espior
  • July 5-9: Midwest USCF Regional Camp, IL
    1st Overall
  • July 12-16: National USCF Camp, TX
    5th Overall
  • July 24-25: Paducah Stage Race, TN
    12th Overall
  • July 31-Aug. 1: Oklahoma Stage Race
    15th Overall
  • Aug. 27-29: Hotter Than Hell Stage Race, TX
    38th Overall, 20th in RR
  • Sept. 3: St. Louis, MO Laffett Criterium
    8th Place
  • Sept. 6: St. Louis, MO Loop’D’Loop Criterium
    20th Place
  • Sept. 15-20: Tour De Hokkaido, Japan
    50th in TT
    (I was way over my head & got pulled the 2nd day)
  • Oct. 24: Kansas State Championship