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Weight Training For Your Lungs™

People with active lifestyles have different goals from those with breathing difficulties or from performing artists and vice versa. You choose the best way to meet your goals.

All PowerLung models offer independently adjustable resistance for inhale and exhale breathing training. Use any PowerLung model as a part of your warm up or stretching program. PowerLung is also an excellent way to prepare for high altitude activities whether for work or play.

AireStream model

Breathe deeper and reduce breathlessness. Increase your activity levels for better results to make healthier lifestyle choices.

BreatheAir model

Get more oxygen to reduce breathing effort. Play or exercise easier and get the most from Yoga and Pilates with deeper breathing.

Trainer model

Get more oxygen to train, exercise or play sports longer and with more intensity.

Sport model

Uses maximum resistance training for high performace, elite athletes and strenuous, competitive training activities.